10 comments on “Best Trailer Of The Year: Inception

  1. Holy. Period. Shit. Period.

    Awesome, and Leo looks at his best. Still, I didn’t get the trailer, I just saw how cool it looks, cant wait!!

    Btw, this is our 1000th post if you havent noticed πŸ™‚

    • IFAZ

      For our 1000 post, i almost posted the fact that this month alone, our site went ahead of 6 million sites in ranking.

      it used to be 9 millionth, now its on the low 3 millions.

      google being #1

      but it may have sounded a little smug. but yeah our sites been rocketing as of late


      • yeah I noticed! I logged in today after a long time(a month maybe) and when checking the stats I was like “Holy Shit!”


  2. Something must be wrong with me. I should have came in my pants when I saw this teaser. I should be excited for this movie…yet I’m not. Am I infected or something?

    But seriously, I’ve been looking forward to Inception, but not as much as everyone else has. I’m still gonna go see it, but I’m just not all that excited.

    • well theres two reasons why

      1) you, like everyone else- is confused about the movie. and to you that may be a turn off.

      2) you simply dont like it. theres 7 billion peopl ein the world, and each of them disagree with the rest on something

      I hope you like it and not regret paing 10 bucks for it =]


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