8 comments on “Shia Labeouf On Transformers 2 & 3.



    1) targeting humans (unicron tries to eat our PLANET)

    2) action weve never seen (um, planet sized transformer eating our planet? yeah.)

    3) Humans will die. (unicron, unicron.)

    4) Michael Bay is directing. unicron gives him an erection.


    • I know Michael Bay. and im connecting the dots.

      besides i just said like 4 reasons^^^


      • and it doesnt mean he wont be =]

        but since we dont know anything about the movie, we should do whats always fun to do at this stage of movies: collect clues and create a hypothesis.
        thats hat this blog is all about, redict future awesome movies.

        out of what ive heard so far, it looks very possible theyre going to go nuclear with the next movie.

        another clue, theyre shooting in a space station in florida. space transformers means space.

        nothing is official, but i havent heard anything about Unicron not being in it. only slight clues that he might. so as of now, we know nothing. but we have more positive then negative clues considering unicron.

        thats what i base it off

      • I can almost gurantee you that Unicron won’t be in this film, and if he is, it will only be like a teaser. Just look at all the casting news we’ve been hearing so far, it’s gonna be overloaded with humans like the first film.

    • -points to the sky- “It looks *like a Giant Pe-” -Laser Cannon shoots earth-

      Or it could be more robots with more collateral damaging weapons of doom for no apparent reason.

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