4 comments on “iPad Streams Movies Like You’ve Never Seen Before

  1. Ive seen videos on it and its SOOOO GREAT!!!

    Are you a Mac or PC?

    I hate anything that isnt apple or ATnT (when it comes to phones)

    OF COURSE, i have a PC right now and t mobile (FUCK my life)

  2. I am in my tech geek heart a Mac for sure if that counts my two iPods. 🙂 I have a nano and I just got for B-Day last Friday night the present I have always wanted,a iPod Touch.

    Retaliators looks great on the iPod Touch man! 🙂

    It loads fast and it has a great mobile wordpress addition template to it!

    Of course I am another PC along with you because I don’t have the doe to buy a two thousand dollar MacBook from the Apple store down in Tampa. 😉


    • thats EXACTLY why i chose wordpress. I tried wordpress on Blogger and it sucked, thats why retaliators is wordpress to begin with!

      i want a mac so badly, after i get my 3rd marines paycheck im GETTING one!

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