4 comments on “Are You Getting Sick Of Super Hero Movies?

  1. They’re kind of getting annoying, but as long as they make money the studios will keep at them. Personally, I wish they would start making more Kaiju films. Cloverfield showed me that Hollywood can do them right, and hopefully LP doesn’t fuck up the Godzilla reboot.

  2. I agree with that Matt. I am just starting to see a big pattern in the way Hollywood is doing these Super Hero Films,but like you said up above as long as the studios keep on making the money they will keep on producing them. 🙂

    It’s all about the doe for sure. 🙂


  3. I don’t care as long as they are genuinely good. The Dark Knight beats the crap out of movies like Iron Man(even though Iron Man is really, REALLY good) and Spiderman 3 because it’s epic in scope and has something to say about the world.

    However, I think it won’t be very long until these superhero stories are going to devolve into soulless, paint-by-number formulas. If many of them haven’t already.

  4. Yeah it’s for the money no doubt about that. 😉


    Thanks for the comments guys. 😉

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