6 comments on “Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time Review

  1. Good review.

    I think the only problem is in some parts, you are comparing the game to the film, and that’s not how you should review the movie. It’s fine to compare, but using it as a criticism isn’t right.

    Books are books, games are games, movies are movies. There some thing that each of these can do that the other can’t. A film should stand on it’s own without the help of the original source material backing it up or putting it down.

    Having said that, I’m still pissed at Eragon.

    • Thanks for commenting,

      I compared because I felt it was another example of Disney taking a good story and completely destroying it. As was the case with Little Mermaid, the half the plot was switched around, which was a really bad idea and made for a dumb story. That was my point. You can’t just alter certain crucial things and expect the rest of the story to work.

      The game actually made sense and the movie, which was reportedly an adaptation in the spirit of the game, didn’t make any sense at all. I think I can point that out if I want to. I think it’s clear that the writers did not understand the material they were dealing with.

      • I think it’s perfectly acceptable to compare the original and it’s adaptation side-by-side when the adaptation implements plot alterations to negative effect.

        That’s why Eragon sucked so much in the first place. If they had followed the plot more, the first act would gone a little more into Eragon’s brother(that when he left it would have been more of an inciting incident), the Ra’Zak would have been introduced earlier within the first act, etc.

      • I can agree with Eragon being a bad adaptation, but even looking at it as just a movie is was still a horrible mess.

        But if you think about it, look at something like Forrest Gump. You look at the movie and than at the book and the two aren’t even the same thing, and it’s one of the best movies of all time in my book. Hell, Lord of the Rings made several changes, but it’s the greatest achievement of all time.

        And don’t get me wrong, you can write the review anyway you want man. If that is your way of reviewing, that’s fine, I accept it, and you don’t need to listen to me. I’m just stating my opinion on how I would do the review.

        And by the way, nice to have you hear helping out Retaliators. It’s great to have your support with this blog.

      • Thanks again for commenting and sharing your opinion.

        Still, I’d like to point out that your examples aren’t relevant. All the major plotpoints in the Lord Of The Rings movies are exactly the same.

        Frodo is entrusted with the Ring. Boromir gets killed. Aragorn is crowned and takes his armies to Morder, etc. The movie captures it perfectly,. Peter Jackson understood the message and point of the story, and so he was able to carry those important aspects over.

        Disney fails at this again and again; Little Mermaid and Prince Of Persia being prime examples.

        And my point about Eragon was that if they had paid attention, they would have noticed that both the Ra’Zak and Eragon’s brother were set up for in the first act for a reason. What they did was terrible adaptation, and only by showing the first act of both stories side-by-side I can point that out.

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