5 comments on “Prince Of Persia Bombs At The Box Office

    • I know, right? I was very surprised as well to find out just how little it’s making.

      I guess this means no sequel, but as I mentioned in the post, that could probably be a good thing.

      • I have yet to see it, probably later

        I was surprised at Sex and the city 2 more than anything. Now THAT was a colossal failure box office wise.


  1. Heh, how do you fuck up a movie about a classic game………. besides super mario brothers (I never liked the movie of that). Whats so hard to put the main character into a random dungeon in a palace randomly attacking the bad guys goons as he tries to save the girl before the sands of time runs out in the hour glass?! Holy crap what a story line I should submit it to be a movi-….Nvm too late 😀

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