6 comments on “The Joker not returning for Batman 3

  1. Nolan has stated that he wants Batman 3 to the be the last one. I’m pretty sure he wants to make it the first Batman film in which Bruce Wayne actually achieves what he set out to do, which is redeem Gotham.

    That would be really satisfying.

    If he pulls it off (and I really hope he does), I highly doubt there will be a fourth movie. There would be nothing left to tell. The trilogy would be over.

    Likewise, The Joker’s story is over. There’s no point in bringing him back and inciting another plot with him when the last one ended so resolutely. The whole Batman vs Joker conflict was an intense clash of worldviews, and Batman came out on top. Joker was proven wrong. Bringing Joker back would be like Sauron being resurrected a couple years after Frodo destroys the Ring. It would be pretty redundant.

    • I think what Nolan meant was that it would be the last one for him. I can gurantee you the studio will want to continue the films after Batman 3, and they would be stupid not to. It all depends on if the next director would stick with the realistic style Nolan has created.

      • Check out the interview. Nolan specifically said he was closing the story. I think he understands that someone else will probably try pick it up after him, and of course Warner Bros. will want it to continue. But it will still be pretty redundant.

        Besides, if Nolan says he wants to finish it here, and has been planning to finish it here, I think we can assume that the trilogy functions as a singular plot.

        The goal in “Batman Begins” is to fix Gotham City. “The Dark Knight” chronicles his direct confrontations of the city’s villains, and shows the dark side of even the good guys, such as Harvey Dent.

        That said, it’s easy to see that the first and second movies are structured as first and second acts. I think we can then assume that this last movie will be the resolution stage of the plot, or the third act. If this is true, then it stands to reason that Batman will redeem Gotham and accomplish what he set out to do in the first film, or the first act.

        Again, there’s no doubt WB will want to continue the franchise in some way or form. But after this trilogy, it will most likely be really redundant. Again, like Sauron being resurrected.

        Smart financially. Stupid plotwise.

  2. For some weird reason, I wanted Jackie Earle Haley to take over the role. But looks like that isnt happening.

    Anyways, I’m sorry I was away from retaliators for a month. I was busy w/ skool, life and shit but yes now I’ll be around more 🙂

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