3 comments on “Angelina Jolie: Cleopatra?

  1. –Jolie, with her slave tattoos pre-programming us for submission to
    New World Order eugenics and slave culture, is THE perfect choice for
    2011’s Cleopatra retread.

    RED China’s exterminating ‘state family values’ are o the move!

    • I dont like how people choose Johny Depp and Jolie for every role. Johny depp should be the riddler, angelina should be catwoman. he should be the next joker, she should be wonderwoman. enough already!

      But THIS is a role i certainly 100% agree with you she is perfect for. if anyone is to nail this role, it would be her.

  2. i agree..
    they both are incredible at what they do, ANY role they play they SMASH it!
    but to want them in every movie is ridiculous. seriously!?
    there are MANY great actors and actresses out there who would be suffice for the riddler, catwoman, wonderwoman, etc… i think they should have major league actors and actresses play these parts because a lot of the actors playing comic characters in the past have kinda been suckin. benny affleck for example; HORRIBLE DareDevil. Eric Bana SHITTY Hulk. And how about all the different guys that plyed Batman in the 80’s and 90’s? Why couldn’t they stick with one guy? The actors weren’t getting paid shit.

    Christopher Nolan is on to something really special with the Batman movies, I can only hope that he will continue to get the right actors and actresses to fill the roles..


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