24 comments on “First Photo From The Smurfs

  1. Im the nostalgic type, appreciating anything that reminds me of my childhood. Obviously, alot of cartoons from when we were “kids” were fun to watch and had an almost magical appeal to them. Now I just flip the channels not even paying attention to the crap that people call cartoons nowadays! What is this computer animated crap?
    As far as the Smurfs movie goes, it will be great to see it on the big screen and be able to bring our kids to experience the little blue guys. And I think it could really bring in some serious money to the box office..
    And occasionally I find myself watching the old school cartoons now and again, the 70’s and 80’s were the true era of cartoons!

  2. Great. Another cash-in with absolutely no consideration for it’s source material.


    I think I’m gonna puke.

    • I agree with some of your statement, but I have to say you got to remember: all movies are done for money. Maybe the director’s may be attached to the source material or the cast does, but in the end it really is for money.

      • That’s a blanket statement. A, you refuted it in the same sentence that you made it by also saying that people often get involved in a movie because they believe in the story, rather than because they need some dough.

        B, there’s absolutely no way you can prove that. You’d have to go to every filmmaker ever, from every time period and locale, and ask them personally whether they were in it primarily for the money.

        Also, there are plenty of clear examples that it’s just not true. Mel Gibson didn’t expect to make hardly any money from Passion Of The Christ, for example. And if all Nolan wanted was money, he’d be making several Batman’s rather than creating a closed and carefully constructed trilogy.

        And think of all the independent films that were made on a minuscule budget and for the sole purpose of expressing something.

        Yes, the studios need to make money, and they will made marketing decisions based on that need. But that’s beside the point, which is that money should NOT be a filmmaker’s primary concern.

        If he’s like any kind of good, inspiring screenwriter that I know of, he has a burning, damn near unquenchable passion for story construction that MUST be appeased. If he didn’t write, he’d go INSANE. And if he is any kind of decent individual, his primary motive will be to tell the TRUTH, and tell it well.

        I have no interest in any other kind.

  3. Now we are all greatly aware of this being another “cash-in”, where is are you getting your information as far as it having “absolutely no consideration for it’s source material.”!?
    That’s kind of a harsh generalization don’t you think?

    So before you puke Jake, try doing a little bit more research.

    • I’m not getting my information anywhere, just sharing my opinion and expressing my lack of confidence in this project. If you really thought I was literally going to puke, you were mistaken.

  4. All artists, whether they be musicians, comics, painters, actors and actresses, 90% of the time probably get into their career because they are passionate about what they do. It’s not a job in the beginning, it is a hobby, a favorite past time, a talent that the artist has crafted over time..
    Now I’m sure anybody with a keen business sense (which most people do not have) understand in order to make a product, or to “continue” their making their products money is a necessary evil!

    Some people forget where they came from, the free lunches, glitz and glamor of Unholywood brainwash the shit out of them. Everybody starts at the bottom.

  5. *on another note.. do you think george lucas got where he is today without “cash-ins”?


    • As far as I know, before Star Wars, he mostly just did shorts. I don’t think he started cashing in until the Ewoks in Return Of The Jedi, which were unnecessary and detracted from the plot but were cute enough that people loved them. The rest is history.

      • Oh, yeah. I forgot.

        For some reason, I never got around to seeing it. But I would be interested in seeing more of what Lucas’ movies were like before he completely lost it.

      • Actually I found nothing wrong with the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi. They weren’t just there to be cute, they actually helped fight off the Empire. As John Campea put it “These little guys will not just fuck you up, they will EAT YOU after they fuck you up.”

        As for the prequels, I understand where some of the hate comes, but I liked them. I felt they gave some answers that we didn’t get in the first film. Plus without the prequels we would have never seen Yoda kick some ass in a lightsaber battle.

  6. Remember,
    It is an expanding universe.
    It is his brain child, his story.. He gives the yay or nay to writers that choose to twist and turn where it goes.. George Lucas never lost “it”, I think that the prequels weren’t as serious as the original 3, but they weren’t terrible.
    In my opinion, and I will take this to my grave, the STAR WARS movies are the greatest movies EVER made. Period. There will NEVER be another series of movies of this stature in the history of the planet Earth. Lucas is not a God, but he is as close as a human being can get.

    You can argue that (it is only my opinion) but I share this opinion with 85% of the planets population….

    • Okay, I’m fine with you guys believing that the Star Wars prequels are any kind of good. But if you really believe what you’re saying, you’d defend it against the exhaustive critiques that are out there.

      Check out this guy’s reviews:


      Say what you will about Star Wars, but until you can refute what this guy and so many other people have against these stories, there’s no reason to believe you.

      Take your time. Maybe you can do what this guy did and make some in-depth videos. But until you can back up what you’re saying, people aren’t going to take you seriously. People can see the holes in the storyline.

      Should you take the route of backing your claims, keep me posted.

      • You make it sound like we’re stupid for liking the Star Wars prequels. We’re not, but we do have different opinions than many others. We don’t believe, that’s just what we feel.

        You don’t have to hate a movie that everyone else hates and you certainly don’t have to like a movie that/like a movie as much as everyone else loves. That’s what I’m saying and you’re missing the point.

        I personally have been on this blog for a while now and have been working on my own personal blog for 2 years now. I’ve been reading movies news for a long time, and have loved movies since I was five years old. I don’t think you need to tell me anything that I know already. I love movies, and I love talking about movies and hell, I love debating. Right now I’m having a blast.

        But this is my point: Everyone has a different opinion. You don’t have to like/hate what everyone else does, and insulting someone because they have a different opinion is rather immature.

      • I apologize if it appeared that I was insulting anyone. That was in no way my intention.

        I shouldn’t have directed that comment to both you and Jason, as Jason explicitly said that he believed the Star Wars prequels to be great whereas you just said you enjoyed certain things about them.

        Having said that, likewise, you shouldn’t have said “We” in your rebuttal when you said, “We don’t believe, that’s just what we feel.” Jason specifically said it was his firm belief that the Star Wars movies were the greatest ever made. I was mostly addressing him in my statement.

  7. BTW.. that’s not an accurate percentage, just a rough “guestimate”..

    But to get back on the SMURF track, I think If they actually do make a movie out of this it will be for children. Not us over-analytical adults that have to pick at and critique everything (which I love to do!) It is an opportunity for our children to bear witness to the power that is Smurf!
    After the movie, we can set them in front of the tube and play them the original cartoon, to them they won’t notice the difference, they’re kids..

    So I say let the kids live, we should all stop being so selfish.. “They’re going to ruin this now” This, that, this, that……. Whatever, who gives a shit. Movies ruin books, how’s that for ya?

    • Okay, first of all, it’s impossible for an adaption to ruin the original, because no matter what directions the adaptations takes, the original still exists. Disney’s Little Mermaid may have been terrible, but that doesn’t mean the original story isn’t still freaking awesome.

      Secondly, the very reason I analyze is because I’m afraid that kids won’t enjoy it as much as they would if this movie was good(which, we admittedly can’t tell whether it’s truly good or bad yet).

      It doesn’t matter who the target market is. The guys that wrote Finding Nemo knew what they were doing. They understood that if Nemo got taken away and his father had to find him within the first act, that it would be a plot that kids could relate to, understand, and follow.

      How did they come to this conclusion? Through various analytical processes.

      I kind of get what you’re saying…but I disagree. Under no circumstances should we stop analyzing and attempting to understand art. To merely close our eyes and hope for the best is to doom this generation to terrible stories. It may take a while to realize that we’re shoveling crap down someone’s throat, but it’s still crap, isn’t it?

      In other words, kids might not get that they’re watching a bad movie right away, even if they can sort of feel it in their gut, as I remember feeling when I watched certain dumb kids movies. But someday they’ll get old enough to see that we let them fall in love with dumb stories rather that enlighten them with well-constructed ones. And that can be a serious disservice.

      Just saying.

      • True. In that sense, it’s possible to over-analyze. There’s a right and wrong way of going about it.

      • Hmm..
        You’re right on that one Jake! I can remember plenty of movies from when I was a child that I loved, I would watch them 10 times a day if possible.. Now I sit down and watch them and I think, what the hell is this crap, man was I a wierd kid!
        Unfortunately, as far as your statement about closing our eyes and hoping for the best only to doom this generation, it is really in all essence out of our hands..
        Unless, we are the ones in the director chair, or the script writers. Crap has been shoveled down our throats forever it’s nothing new.. Does anyone remember the Garbage Pail Kids movie from the early 80’s?? That movie S-U-C-K-E-D!! There are plenty of others, that one just came to mind because I actually own it on dvd (haven’t pawned it yet.)

        The movies that people can relate to are ALWAYS going to get better reviews, whether they’re for kids or adults. Tugging on ones heartstrings is definately a way to win someone over! Which is why movies like (few random ones) Gone Baby Gone, Crash, The Fountain, What Dreams May Come, Big Fish, etc.. To me, personally, those movies are excellent because I can relate in some way or it reaches my emotions in ways other movies do not. I mean, I liked Get Him To The Greek (funny as hell btw) but I’m not doing backflips over it!

  8. I will def take that route..
    I have been a Star Wars fan for over 30 years, there isn’t much about it that I do not know. Im sure there are little bits and pieces here and there that I may need refreshing on but I am up to par with the Universe as it sits. And whatever holes are in the story line, are there for a purpose, for mystery, to leave fans questioning the “story”..

    Im not going to discuss this any further, but I will give you my word I will check out that link, and I will get back to you asap..

    • My quarrel is not so much with the Star Wars universe(though we could talk about that too) as much as the story. By “holes” I meant plot problems.

      Glad you’re eager to check out the reviews. I must warn you that they’re pretty extensive, though. The two reviews he has out so far are both 70 minutes in length. Who knows how long the third will be, which I’m really looking forward to.

      I’d love to talk about the Star Wars universe as well, though. Somehow.

      Anyway, again, keep me posted.

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