2 comments on “Neill Blomkamp to direct The Hobbit?

  1. “Blomkamp hasn’t shown that he can handle a big budget, and he could very well be a one-hit wonder.”

    That may be true, but then again, we don’t know. However, Jackson helped Blomkamp out with District 9, and that was a huge success. If he gets the job, maybe he’ll feel comfortable enough and deliver the right stuff.

    • Do you really think directing The Hobitt films is a good way to test his ability? Or a director that has only made one film? I don’t. I may not care for them at all anymore, but they are still two of the most highly anticipated films out there right now. Attaching a director that has no experience with a big budget wouldn’t be wise on the studios part. Jackson will still be producing, but that’s all.

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