8 comments on “Neill Blomkamp Will Not Be Director of The Hobbit

  1. The movie wouldn’t be that bad if Mr. Jackson did the movie himself..
    It’s just too bad that nobody wants to do it! What’s wrong with these people, they get a BIG budget, make a killer movie, and then it kills the box office and they get paid BIG bucks!!

    Does anyone know why it’s being turned down?

    • Blomkamp prefers not to do big budget filming because in his experience there’s a lot of pressure from the studios to get things done and you don’t have as much freedom.

    • He didn’t turn it down, because he was never even offered the job. I’m glad because he’s too inexperienced to helm the films. Not only because he’s done only one film, but also he’s never had experience with a huge budget that would be required for The Hobbit films. It will end up going to Peter Jackson anyway, just you watch.

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