18 comments on “Prince of Persia Is The Highest Grossing Video Game Movie of All Time

  1. Prince Of Persia was a poorly executed movie with a terrible plot, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best “videogame movies” so far.

    Wasn’t as good as Advent Children, though, nor faithful to the spirit of the game it’s based on.

    • And that’s your opinion. It’s definitely the best so far to me. It was fun, had an actual good story, and yes, it had some bad cheese. But overall, I had a great time with it, something I don’t get out of video game movies normally.

      And personally I didn’t care for Advent Children either.

      • No, actually, the structure of the plot was just lacking. And I already presented an argument for why a while back so to just say, “Well, that’s just your opinion and I think differently” is a little cheap.

        “All great action flicks have one thing in common: fantastic plots. Why? Because the whole point is the action. And seeing as all action is essentially a form of confrontation, it has to have been set up for in some way when it happens.

        Hence the fact that every element that comes into play in Terminator 2 over the course of the narrative is set up for in detail within the first twenty minutes. This allows for the second act to pull off one action sequence after another without the story as a whole running out of steam.

        Did the guys who wrote the Sands Of Time know this? Apparently not. That, or they obviously didn’t care.

        The whole second act is overflowing with setups and character introductions that easily could have taken place in the first twenty minutes, as in any good action flick. First of all, it would have made the first act a lot more interesting, and secondly, it would have saved the second act more grind than you can ever know.”

        Take the assassins, for instance. They were supposed to be the fallen, rival counterpart to the protectors of the dagger. So, how come we never actually see this rivalry? How come they never try to steal the dagger? It doesn’t make any sense. And furthermore, if the writers had had the decency to introduce the assassins element within the first act of the film, as any good action flick has ever done for obvious reasons, then they could have actually been an interesting element in play throughout the first, second and third acts. They could have been following the Prince and attempting to take the dagger from him because of a REAL motive that makes sense. They want the dagger because they’ve been fighting for it for decades and believe it’s their right.

        This is by no means an exception. Let’s look at some other plot elements in the story that don’t have first acts, shall we?

        The assassins.

        The sheik. As I’ve mentioned before, the sheik probably didn’t need to be in this movie. But as long as he is, they should have introduced him earlier on. Given him and the Prince some background before he bumps into Amar again, who tricks him and attempts to turn him in for the money.

        The fact that the hourglass can destroy the world. I mean, honestly. That was introduced 15 minutes before the movie ended. I find the threat of a magic hourglass’ sands consuming everything much more gripping than a king using the dagger to become an exceptionally efficient leader. Especially if you can already tell that the king isn’t THAT bad a guy.

        Think of the movies that DON’T make these mistakes. Terminator 2. X2. Lord Of The Rings. The Matrix. Prince Of Persia could have been one of those movies.

        I’m barely scraping the tip of the iceberg, here. But my point isn’t that because of these problems you didn’t enjoy the movie. You’ve already stated that you enjoyed it, and I’m sure other people did too. My point is that if these writers hadn’t made such stupid mistakes, you would have been much more engaged by the story than you otherwise were. And the majority that didn’t enjoy the movie most likely otherwise would have.

      • About my “that’s just your opinion and I have a different one.” Everyone’s opinion is different in one way or more. That’s what makes me sick about sites like Youtube. As soon as some one has a different opinion, they’re a “retard” or a “faggot.”

        As I’ve stated, I didn’t say it was perfect. I just said that I think it’s going in the right direction in terms of a video game movie.

        Now many of your points concern this as an adaptation, and that’s fine. I would never say your opinion is wrong, because everyone has one. But I didn’t play the video game, and I was still able to understand what was going on, which characters were who, and what the plot was.

        And yes, Shiek Amar did NOT need to be in the movie, but I still think he was a stand out performance. He felt like the Jack Sparrow of the film. That’s not saying that he’s as awesome (he’s far from it), but I liked him, I just didn’t think he did anything to the plot.

        And to tell you the truth I was more into the story than I was with films like Max Payne and Hitman. These were characters that I could actually care about and route for.

        Anyways, that’s just what I thought about the film. And trust me, video game movies still have a long way to go, but this movie is a start in going in the best direction for what video game movies could be. And if you didn’t like it for the reasons you’ve stated, that’s fine.

      • Okay, yeah, saying that Advent Children was better than PoP was an opinion. But I never said I didn’t like Prince Of Persia. I said it was badly structured and that the writers made way too many amateur mistakes.

      • I didn’t say that you liking Advent Children wasn’t an opinion. I was just stating my opinion. And in your review for Prince of Persia, you gave it a low rating of 3/10, so naturally I assumed that you hated it.

  2. yes, donnie darko was a great movie.. haven’t seen brothers yet, but i hear toby and his performance is riveting and award winning! just not a big Jake Gyllenhaal fan. maybe ‘coz an ex-gf use to fantasize over him!? i dunno.. just not a fan..

    • There are a lot of other videogame movies I’d like to see, too. One is Ocarina Of Time, but I doubt they’ll make it. The story is too politically incorrect. In fact, it’s downright controversial.

    • It acts as a sociopolitical commentary on the effects of organized religion, the proposition being that religion does not corrupt people. Rather, people corrupt religion.

      The whole basis of the story is that the world is always affected by the intentions of the people using the power of the triforce. If someone of pure heart wields it, Hyrule flourishes. If someone who is corrupt wields it, Hyrule is corrupted as well and slowly dies.

      Who created the triforce? The golden goddesses: Din, Nayru, and Farore. One is the symbol of power, one is the symbol of wisdom, and one is the symbol of courage, mirroring the roles of the members of the godhead in the christian trinity.

      Wait for it. It gets better.

      Who’s the hero of the story? Link. And most every one of the major biblical heroes’ exploits are mirrored by his. He’s like Adam in that he is forced to leave his home, a haven from the outside world for the immortal Kokiri, when the Deku Tree is violated by Ganondorf’s power. He’s like Jonah in that he has to enter the belly of a whale in his quest. He’s like Moses in that he uses jewels representing each tribe of people to enter the back of the Temple. And he’s like Jesus in that the people await his coming to save them from a fallen and corrupt world according to the prophecy.

      Who’s the villain? Ganondorf. When he corrupts the triforce, all of Hyrule reverts to a lower, fallen state. This includes the character Zelda, who goes from being the most royal princess to a sort of rogue who has to fight for her life day-to-day.

      This is where it starts to get touchy.

      Ganondorf is a symbol for something as well; Islam. And I don’t just know because he’s a dark-skinned warrior from across the desert.

      The mirror shield that the Gerudo give Link has a star and crescent etched in the silver on the front, which is just a blatant reference. Also, the fire temple dungeon had Islamic prayer chants in the background music. As you can imagine, there was a lot of controversy over this, and both the shield and the music were edited in the Gamecube re-release of the game.

      I assume that you can put two-and-two together and make out what the story is saying from there.

      If you wondered before why they never made an OoT movie before, now you know.

  3. damn.

    I knew a little bit about the story because i played the legend of zelda and Link games for the old NES system.. I kind of fell off the wagon between Sega Genesis and PS2, I didn’t play alot of games back then. But that is CRAZY. Wow!?

    So, like alot of movies, you don’t think they could just alter the shield, and some of the content of the story to make the movie..? I mean, nobody likes it when a video game or comic book movie is altered. It ruins the mythology and integrity of the characters and the vibe that the story originally conveyed. Now, many of you may argue with me on this one, but I don’t care if a movie is “slightly” different than the game or comic so long as they don’t take out the important stuff!
    Like the Watchmen, that was probably one of the greatest comic book movies i’ve ever seen, and I saw it 3 times in the theater, adn when it came out on DVD i watched it frame for frame with my graphic novel, critiquing every second.. To my surprise, Zack Snyder did a hell of a job bringing the pages to life. There were a “few” minor things that slightly bugged me.. But over all it was on point, almost perfectly.. Many people I know were like “It was horrible, it was nothing like the comic!” Well, I took that into consideration, went and tested the theories, and they were wrong, all of them!

    • Yeah, Watchmen was wild. It’s about as perfect as you can get, in terms of adaptation. It’s amazing how well all the character development and flashbacks translated to the screen.

      Anyway, it’s not that I’m worried that they’ll take out the shield and chants. They don’t necessarily even need to be in there when it comes to the plot. But if the writers realize that this story is basically about two religions battling for control of the universe, they’ll try and downplay that element as much as possible so as not to get into trouble. From there, it’s inevitable that the spirit of the story will be lost in translation. Which means they will basically have to make up ANOTHER story and shove it in, declaring it to be Ocarina Of Time when it’s really not. And I don’t like it when that happens.

  4. Yeah, I suppose you’re right.. But that isn’t really that big of a deal, 2 religions battling over control of the Universe. It has been done a billion times! There have been much larger movies with ENORMOUS budgets that could have been percieved the same way.. Look at Passion of the Christ.
    I still can’t believe Hollywood even had ANYTHING to do with that movie, if that can squeak through, then ANYTHING can (imo)..

  5. btw..
    i didnt mean that POTC had a huge budget because it didn’t.. I meant that it was extremely contreversial, and if that movie can make it on to the big screen, then ANYTHING can, fro the most part!

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