6 comments on “Armond White’s Newest Bulls**t Rant: Roger Ebert Destroyed Film Criticism

  1. I kind of see what he means. Ebert, like many critics, tends less to actually criticize the film and more to talk about how much he personally enjoyed it.

    And yes, there’s a difference. All film critics, for example should be able to understand and follow the three-act plot structure. They usually don’t. And when you don’t, it’s harder to gauge a plot’s coherence and whether it’s grinding, where the subplots are and how well they thread with the rest of the story, and a dozen other factors.

    I think that Ebert’s a great writer, but I also get the feeling that there is at least some truth to what White is saying about film critics these days. In fact, I know it’s true to certain extents.

    Still, I highly doubt this guy is following his own criteria.

  2. You got a few typos in that piece… Instead of “great” reviews, I think you mean “horrible”

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