5 comments on “Shyamlan Stands Up To Reporter At Mexico City-My Take

  1. I see what you mean, but your statement assumes that M. Night Shayamalan is correct in that every movie he makes is better than the last.

    You, like many, consider film quality to be an issue of subjectivity. That said, let’s take a look at the ratings that both critics and typical movie-goers alike have given M. Night’s movies over the past six years(this is from RT):

    The Village – 43%

    Lady In The Water – 24%

    The Happening – 18%

    The Last Airbender – 8%

    RT isn’t king or anything, but it IS the voice of the people, and what I see here is the complete antithesis of Shayamalan’s claims.

    • I didn’t say that nor implied that he gets better with each movie. I’m just saying I respect the fact that he keeps on trucking and at least is trying to do better. That he’s not just making bad movies for the sake of making bad movies.

      • I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about what Shayamalan said, and what you said here:

        “He brings up the subjectivity of film and he has a point; I might say that his films suck, but there are people out there who like his movies. And what can I say about it?”

        My point was that those “people” have been very, very few over the past five or six years, when he implies that there has been more and more.

        Nobody said that he was making bad movies for the sake of bad movies. At least, I think no one did. I’m pretty sure most people realize that he really is trying. What’s interesting to see here is that he really does think his movies are phenomenal, and that they’re very popular.

        I’ve found zero evidence that either is true. But I do see plenty of evidence stating the opposite.

        That’s all I’m saying.

      • I’m not just talking about critics. I’m talking about people in general. Even Jackson Rathbone said that his favorite Shyamalan film is The Village, which got plenty of bad reactions. All film is subjective. I liked Ghost Rider, but hated No Country for Old Men. You may disagree, but that’s your opinion. That’s what this is about.

      • Well, then that’s just your opinion.

        But in any case, I see where you’re coming from, and I approached the issue with that in mind. I’ve said that twice now.

        All I’m saying is that, as far as I can tell, M. Night was making crap up. His movies are becoming less and less liked by critics and the people in general. He stated that The Village is big in France and that Lady In The Water was a hit in Spain, but both movies made a very small fraction of money from those locations.

        I loved all of Shayamalan’s movies up until Lady In The Water. But I’ve been researching his claims, and so far, I can’t see how any of the statements he’s made concerning the nature of his movies and the public are in any way true. So for now, I call bullshit.

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