4 comments on “Shane’s Top Five Of The Year So Far

  1. I say Scott Pilgrim will be in my top 5 when I see it, so for me so far…

    4. Shutter Island
    3. Kick-Ass
    2. Toy Story 3
    1. Inception

      • I thought Kick-Ass was amazingly good. I haven’t seen TS3 yet, but I have a very hard time imagining that it’s much better. I loved that movie even more the second time around.

        Best movie of the year so far? For me, Inception and Kick-Ass are at a stalemate. Inception is easily one-of-a-freaking-kind, but then, so is KA.

      • To tell you the truth I didn’t think that Toy Story 3 would be the best either…and then I watched it đŸ™‚

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