8 comments on “James Is BACK

  1. Hey man! It’s Aaron.

    Eric changed the layout but it was from my decision, the old one was getting old man, but no worries I didn’t mess it up lol


    And Toy Story 3

    Nothing drastic really

    Hey man can’t wait to do a podcast with you, I’ve also got one possibly set up for KillerFilm

  2. Not to sound modest, but most of the post over the last three months have come from me lol. Again, not to sound modest. Have you seen Inception man? If you haven’t it’s the best movie of the year so far in front of Toy Story 3 and Scott Pilgrim. I finally got to see Fight Club (can’t believe it took that long), and I’m definitely not gonna be seeing Vampires Suck, lol.

    All in all, Welcome back mate.

    • That’s true, I’d say 80% or more has been done by Shane over the last 3 months, I really came back to writing a lot in the past 2 weeks or so


  3. hey jamie its ur lil sis alex im really bored right nowso i decided to go on ur site and right stuff lol… ;] welcome back MARINE!!!!!

  4. I came back then I ran away then I came back again… welcome back Jamie! Does this mean you have the licenses to kill me? if so great :D, btw Inception was awesome it had…. and…. and…. then that part where…. and… did…. yea that was great 😛

    • Yeah no fucking shit!
      everyone left, our views dropped to like 25%
      if you left- fuck your mother, if youre still here…. then prepare for the full throttle of awesomeness that is james and the retaliators crew.

      btw, if you see Inception, stay after the credits…. nothing is SEEN after the credits, but if you stay and you listen, you HEAR something that tells you about the ending. stay after the credits and LISTEN.


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