One comment on “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows Trailer

  1. I don’t want to start a fight, but I have to say that the books and the movies are two different things. They are two different interpretations, so we have two roads to go; Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling or Harry Potter by J.K Rowling as interpreted by the directors.

    Plus they didn’t cut all the important parts. There are several moments that would not have worked on film. Everyone wanted to see the battle at the end, and yes it works in the book. But a movie? We just witnessed the death of Dumbledore, arguably the greatest character in the series besides Harry himself. That has a deep impact on us, so are we gonna show a 12-15 minute battle or longer when we should be coping with the death of Dumbledore?

    Sure it would have been great to see scenes that were cut out in the movie, but of course if they had put everything in the film would have been eight hours plus long. In every adaptation that happens not just this one. Plus you should focus more on what is in the film itself then what is not in the film. Whenever you review something based off of other material, it is unfair to the filmmakers that you give a bad rating just because they cut stuff out. If I had reviewed Eragon complaining about all the cool shit they cut out (and they cut out a hell of a lot), the movie would not only still be a bad movie, it would be worse because I’m including that it cut things out. I’m sure we’ve been over this before and I don’t wanna start a huge argument, but I’m just stating how I think things like this should be handled.

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