5 comments on “QUESTION OF THE DAY

  1. I think your question should be: Would they be better if Nolan wrote the films?

    That discussion was more or less about how the film’s were written, not directed. Anyway, I say no. I loved the HP films (well, starting with number 4) as they were. IMO, Nolan should only be allowed to make ‘Batman’ movies because those are the only ones of his I can watch w/o falling asleep.


    • Really? That’s weird. I have ADD big time, and yet I have absolutely no problem following Memento and The Prestige; which is fortunate for me because they are excellent and very well-structured stories.

      That said, I’d like to point out, if I could, that it’s rather arbitrary to assert that since Nolan’s Batman films are the only ones that don’t put you to sleep, his version of Harry Potter would.

      It’s kind of a leap, as the Batman movies are his only ones based on a pre-existing franchise, whereas his others are psychological thrillers.

      Also, from what I’ve read, you haven’t seen The Prestige yet. It’s pretty action-packed/fast-paced for a thriller, and I’ve yet to talk to anyone, including “action junkies” so to speak, who didn’t enjoy it.

      Just saying.

      • I watched ‘The Prestige’ a month ago on USA, and wasn’t impressed. So, you have now talked to someone who didn’t like it. First time for everything, huh?

        I have no problem following his films, but like I said, they bore me.


      • Totally sorry; I meant Inception.

        “No, I’m waiting til DVD. Nothing has gotten me interested enough to see the film.”

        I have in fact talked with someone who thought The Prestige was boring. Before and other than you, of course.

      • I feel a lot of the reasons that people didn’t like Inception was because they couldn’t follow it. You can read Rex Reed’s review for it and see it for yourself. A lot of the stuff they point out is explained in the movie, they just didn’t follow it right.

        I wouldn’t want Nolan to direct Harry Potter, but what I wanna see him do is James Bond. Now that would be badass!

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