2 comments on “My Two Cents: Florida Koran Burning

  1. It’s bullshit like this that makes me glad I’m an athiest. Burning the Koran isn’t gonna do anything. They already hate Americans to the point where they give their lives up, so burning a book isn’t gonna do shit. Terry Jones is pretty much just waisting his time.

    Their religion is part of the reason 9/11 happened, and every other terrorist act they’ve committed against us. Bin Laden hates us b/c we value materials more than we do God. And just gives more proof to support my claim that humanity is better off w/o religion. I do agree though that it’s basically a big “Fuck You” to Muslims who are innocent.

    I for one will be spending 9/11 remembering those who were murdered, instead of hating on an entire religion.


    • I agree that it is wrong about what they are doing, but there are something I must touch on.

      Not all Christians are this way. I’m Christian and I want to protest against this. Although I do say that some Christians take the word of God too literally. They think God saying “Have a strong relationship with me and spread my word” means “Attack over people’s religion and hate speech the people who love it.”

      And Bin Laden was talking about Americans, not Christians. So it doesn’t have to do entirely with religion. Not entirely, that is…

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