2 comments on “James’ Apology

  1. and to all of you that are keeping this beautiful site alive while im down, thank you so much… youre all great close friends of mine. if not the best ones i have (besides my marine corps buddies and my cat)

    one request, bring back the scripts if you can!

    be back soon, James

  2. hey james i just wanted to tell you about something that i havnt seen any1 say anything abt yet. a dr. strange cameo in spiderman 3. am i the only 1 whos noticed it. dr. strange was a doctor in new york right. well spiderman is in new york so any way i was watching spiderman 3 and when peter takes harry to the hospital bc the accident he caused. the doctor taking care of harry and that tells peter what happened looks strangly like a superhero doctor strange right. now it might just b coiencident but i thought it was pretty cool. if you agree u shld do a post abt it. 🙂

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