One comment on “Batman 3 News: Has A Title, No Riddler, No 3D

  1. I’m glad it’s no titled ‘The Dark Knight Returns’. Don’t take the name if you’re not gonna base it off the comic, The Dark Knight Returns. The title is ok, as long as it emphasizes Batman’s redemption. I was really hoping for ‘The Shadow of the Bat’. Excluding The Riddler is good b/c he’s pretty much a weak version of The Joker. Hopefully, Catwoman and Harley Quinn won’t be in the film either.

    Catwoman COULD work, but she’s too obvious and too well-known (the same reasons Nolan excluded The Riddler). I’d also LOVE to see Nolan’s take on Harley Quinn, but since The Joker isn’t coming back, then I see no point in bringing in Quinn. The could easily make her a copy cat of The Joker or have come out of nowhere as if she was in the background of TDK (lame), but I want to see get seduced by The Joker, and turn into a criminal.

    In all likely hood, it’s Talia al Ghul. If so, then I want Tanit Phoenix (a rumored actress) to portray her.


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