2 comments on “Five Mini-Clips of Sucker Punch

  1. i HATE over-the-top shit. FUCKING HATE IT

    But this movie looks flipping great

    I hate all the “Deathproof” and “Mashitty” movies, and mostly the Spirit. Over stylized (unless done by zack snyder) But this movie looks SO well done it looks so beast-mode (YEAH, i said beast-mode, fuck off)

    For some reason i also loved Scott Pilgrim even though this is SO NOT MY GENRE. I hate over done movies, and horror movies.

    But Kudos to whoever is making this movie, and thank you shane for the amazing clips, this looks SO LEGIT. I cant wait for movies to learn from THIS movie. Because its easy to make over-the-top movies, but rarely are they done right. theyre the hardest movies to get right IMO

    *James aka baddestmutherfuckerthateverlived

    • Death Proof wasn’t over the top at all. As for me I can like Over The Top as long as I’m entertained and as long as it doesn’t take itself seriously. Movies like Crank and Shoot Em Up are a few I can name.

      I’m hoping this film will make people think more of Zack Snyder and that he is a visionary director.

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