2 comments on “First Look At X-Men First Class’ “Azazel”

  1. I’m about as excited for this film as I am with the Spider-man reboot (meaning not at all). Fox has literally destroyed all the continuity of the previous X-men films. They’re having a blue beast, but if they watched X2, they would realize Beast didn’t mutate ’til X3. Even in the ‘First Class’ comics Beast was still in human form. They’re casting an older Emma Frost, but if they watched Wolverine, they would realize that casting makes no sense as this film will take place before XO:W. But I guess ignoring that turd may be the best move they’re making.

    The casting for this film also makes no sense as the execs probably just put names in a hat, and drew from there. Whether it made sense or not (which it doesn’t). This film is an automatic “skip” in my books. It’s a shame Marvel will never get the rights back to X-men, so they can fix what has been done.


    • Well, i cant disagree with you because youre 100% right.
      i mean theyre just making these movies so the rights stay with them, but im still looking forward to it because the geek inside me drives me and loves to see my favorite characters in them.

      now- out of all the fuck ups you mentioned you forgot to mention the sabertooth timeline, which was the one that really bothered me.

      heres the thing though, i kinda like the rights of Marvel characters to be split between Marvel studios and Sony (i KNOW, this sounds fuckiong horrible) but even though its a bad thing for 400000 reasons…. there is a silver lighting: theres more time and space for them to make movies of our favorite superheroes. Marvel only makes tww movies per year, remember? and look atSony’s movie schedule, theyre a train that aint stopping


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