3 comments on “Transformers 3 Trailer

  1. The Mars footage was surprising to SOD Keller (not the president) b/c he’s never heard or seen the Transformers before. Remember Sector Seven was secret to everyoen but the President. The Mars footage would still be shocking b/c it was then they realized the aliens were alive. They had Megatron sealed, but they didn’t know others existed.

    As for the trailer, I thought it was meh at first, but I’ve grown on it after more viewings. Oh, want proof that it’s not Unicron? Because it’s obviously the Autobot spaceship, “The Ark” (The Nemesis was crashed on another planet in TF2), and Unicron is not an Autobot. My money is on that it’s Alpha Trion.


  2. sweet..
    im thoroughly excited for this film. it looks awesome!
    alpha trion sounds like a really good guess, but movies do veer away from the original storyline so much that it’s best if we just enjoy them, and entertain ourselves.. so who knows!?

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