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About (Edit)Welcome to Retaliators.WordPress.com ! The Retaliators is the future of comic books, its a comic book from Timescape Fantasy, and it is owned by Richard Stiles. We discuss recent movie news, if found relevant by the editor James Sordi (me, hi!) Or any of our other writters, please feel free to drop by Mr Stiles Myspace at Myspace.com/richardstiles and show your support or leave your thoughts in the comments section. Heres a little something about each and every one of us. There are NO commenting rules, but we WILL ban your ass if you’re a douche.

Mindy AKA Hit-Girl

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Click on their names if you wish to contact any of us specifically, or just leave us a comment and let us know what you need! =]

Richard Stiles

Richard Stiles, Ex-Marine and owner of The Retaliators, he pretty much runs the video show we have on the “Video” section of our website. Writter of the Retaliators, and future Director. He drops by here and there to let us know how his projects going and to check on the website’s status.


James Sordi

Thats me, Im the editor of the website, I write most of the posts, and Im the one that made this thing. Widely known as HAZMAT, my real name being James, you know, just another comic book nerd. Signed up for the Marines and will one day have a career in Law Enforcement.


Myo Htet

This is Myo, he wrote for a Manga blog and hell be putting up his posts for our blog =]


Robby Landoskey

Local friend of mine, ecxelent blogger and with good blogging experience. Not only editing, writing reviews and posts- but he also does a bunch of podcats with me as well (click on podcasts, and youll see)


Eric Dorman

Aarons older bro, and the official techie of this site. Every site has one, and hes the guy here. Hes helped with the look of the site and is in some podcasts and of course, hes a writer as well.


Shane AKA Dragonslayer

Shane is a long time regular at RT and hes been helping us out lately with his frequent posts

Future filmaker, author, likes art and one of his favorite quotes is:

“Man, I don’t drop character till I’ve done the DVD commentary.”-Robert Downey Jr., Tropic Thunder


Ifaz Hossain

A loyal long time RB follower and reader, now blogs among the retaliators as one of us.

He enjoys music but hes a movie freak… Se7en, 300, Prestigue, Transformers and The Last Samurai are some of his favorite movies.



Rachel, currently going to college (B.C.) and studied the culinary arts in high school. Her Manga knowledge and input is a valuable key to our website, she posts Manga news, her thoughts, and she shares our love for movies and comic books. And…she punches me a lot. Yes, Jamie I do punch you alot but there is always a reason for it.


Matt Keith

That, is Matt Keith, yet another writter for the Retaliators Blog, hes from Collierville Tennessee and went to Collierville High, he shares our interest in movies and comic books…as well as Manga.



Aaron Gracheck

This is Aaron, the co-owner of Retaliators Blog, and a guy who can mysteriously get his hand on any script even though the movie itself doesn’t come out in 20 years. Hell be posting some script reviews and some random posts. I still don’t know how he got that Halo script.


Chris Del Rio

This, is my long time best friend, Chris. I will never have half his knowledge on comic books, hes the perfect geek. I salute his wisdom on comic books. If you ever have a hard question about comic books, such as “What is The Black Widows bra size?” he should know.

23 comments on “About Us

    • When you send me a picture of yourself bIIIAATTCHH!!

      =P lol

      i checked your FB and its a picture of Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds… show me a pic of yourself.

      Ifaz already sent his… im going to put it up at the same time i do youre to manage time

  1. Lol James, among all those good movies like the devils own and saving private ryan, you chose 300 and transformers. But it’s cool, at least you didn’t mention you dont mess with zohan.

    btw, I look like a retarded teenager among all this nice people.

  2. Now people are gonna be asking why there’s a fucking Stromboli in my hand. It’ll never get old…

    My favorite movie quote is actually from The Departed and it’s not listed on my Facebook.

    Alec Baldwin: Fuck yourself
    Mark Walhberg: I’m tired from fucking your wife
    Baldwin: How’s your mother?
    Walhberg: She’s good, tired from fucking my father.

  3. Question.
    I am very much interested in becoming a long term member of your team.
    This whole blogging thing is really new for me, as I have always reviewed movies and critiqued them with friends.. I have hundreds of movies on DVD and VHS, and love a good story!
    I’ve been writing my entire life, and am currently writing a memoir/autobiography that is 5 years in the making. Funny thing is, I only come on this blog while I’m at work (the only website that isn’t blocked by websense!?)..
    But I would like to upload a photo for my avatar so I don’t have to use that wierd looking spiky pink thing anymore. Im not interested in being rude or disrespectfull to ANYONE, no matter how different someones opinion is from my own. But I will snap back if someone persists on being a dink. Other than that, I would like to hear others opinions, see some new movies, and just be able to do what I enjoy doing.. Writing..

    Thanks guys!

    • well, i’m back and it’s been months due to a major move, new job and other unavoidable things.
      i love reviewing movies, i own thousands of dvds and thousands of VHS tapes. i go opening night for most new films and i psycho analyze EVERYTHING. you guys never got back to me about being a member of your team on this blog.. which is understandable, you’re all probably buddies.. cool whatever.
      i just want you to know I’m still down to do some stuff with retaliators.. i think i would add a totally unique element to this site.. let me know..

      • holy shit.

        dude, i never read your comment. not because i ignored it but because ive litterally not been here and now im back, and the “about us” page is one of the pages i never really look at

        sorry i didnt get back to you earlier, trust me, if i read this earlier i would have gotten to you sooner.

        i have been legitimately busy lately though, like- more then a regular person with a regular job. my job is a full time thing.

        and yeah you can come on board with us. do you have a facebook? or somehting we can find you by?


  4. sure do.. i’ll send it to you in a IM..
    i wasn’t butthurt or anything, because i work full time too and have a full time girlfriend, and ya know the holidays! so i completely understand, but thank you for the link and setting me up.
    most of the posts i’ve put up before we’re between calls at my job. i work in a call center for AAA.

    so, i will be voicing my opinion a lot more around here.. later James!

    • nono dude just look for “james red powerranger sordi” on facebook and add me there

      ill give you all the info about how to write posts there when you add me


      • i picked a sweet avatar to use instead of those wierd looking dr. mario virus looking things… but i can’t use it, could you help me get my pic up with my name and posts?

      • okay google gravatar

        make an account and upload the picture you want

        now, as long as you always use the same email adress on your comments that you put on your gravatar account it should show your picture

        when you find GRAVATAR on google, its very self explanatory while you make your account. its easy as shit


  5. i’ve set up a gravatar account, first thing i did last night. and my primary pic still will not show on comments!? AAAAHHH!!!

    • LOL woow
      okay when you set up your account it asked you for an email adress.
      use that email address when you type comments when it asks for your email under NAME
      click on the picture you uploaded and put “choose this image as main pic”


      • didn’t work.. i did set a pic, i’ve been using comuters for 20 years i’m pretty computer savy.
        when i started the account, with gravatar i uploaded and set 1 picture as my main pic..
        i use my email and my username when i add comments, but no pic!?

        what a pain in the ass man.

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