This is our own little video discussion section, I (James, editor of The Retaliator’s blog) will be posting up these bad boys up thus making them open for discussion. The man you see here is Mr Richard Stiles, owner of The Retaliators.

Mindy AKA Hit-Girl

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Our Weekly Podcast (#29)

9 03 2010

Here is our most recent podcast

Watch, Worship, and Enjoy.









Podcast #26

My sexy Bathingsuit Podcast:

25th Podcast, In My Pajamas.

19 02 2010

Me, Tom and Robby answer ALL your questions and topics.

Remember all the questions youve been sending us? Here they are:

Were making another on Tuesday.

But we need you to chose our topics, either tell us HERE in the comments section, or send us the question in the pink box in the right hand side of the site (it says “QUESTIONS BOX”)

Thank you all for your questions!

James, Eric and Aaron Do A Podcast (#23-24)

5 02 2010

We talked about the following:


Watchmen 2

Ironman 2/Hulk

Movie ratings



James’ Spiderman Reboot Podcast #22

27 01 2010

Hey guys here I am ranting.

The sound lags for exactly 4 seconds, for that i apologize.

I know you all disagree with my picks, so let me know your opinion



Podcast #21 “James Cameron’s Spiderman script was shit”

18 01 2010

Hiya guys! I read your scripts questions, and addressd them here. Keep sending your questions so i can answer them on the podcast.

Readers or editors: all you gotta do is type them on the questions box or type them on the comments section



Robby And James Do A Podcast #20 “Huh…how was that?”

16 01 2010

Heres our latest podcast guys!

Enjoy =p



Sherlock Holmes Review

Here is my podcast version of the review:

Btw im sorry i sound weird, i didnt wanna wake my bother, who was asleep.

Funniest Podcast Ever Made #18

Heres me (James) AND Chris doing a badass podcast.

Please comment bellow about how awesome we are.



James And Chris’ Avatar Review # 17th

here is me and Chris talking about it on our podcast below:



Chris And James Do An Awesome Podcast!! (#16)

Here is retaliator blog’s own James and Chris touching on a few topics.

PLEASE LISTEN, and comment on what you think about it

Best podcast ever.



Podcast # 15

Here it is guys! No podcasts for a while, ive been busy, but here it is =P

And yes, that WAS “The Final Countdcwn” by Europe



Podcast # 14 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows WILL Suck)

This podcast is about why the next HP movie will blow.

have all your questions, and ill discuss them in the next podcast, since this one must be only about HP. =P



Podcast # 13!!

Hey guys thank you for the questions!

If you want a topic being discussed on the podcast let us know in the comment section or ask anything on the questions box to your right, enjoy!



Podcast # 11 Superman Makes Me Angry

Top of the evening to ya! Heres our 11th podcast, enjoy!

Thanx for all your questions guys



Podcast # 10 Kevin Smith Should Go To Hell. And Die.

Sorry I didnt address your questions but I wanna talk about this, Ill get to the questions tomorrow for sure =P



Podcast #9 1,000,000 Movie Previews In 15 Minutes.

I just previewed the best 2010 movies in 15 minutes.

Les see Michael Phelps do THAT.

Thaaank you for watching =]

If you want your questions asked in the podcast, keep typing your questions in the grey box >>——>



Podcast #8 With Twitter Update

Heres our 8th podcast, unfortunately I wasnt allowed to take calls =/ sorry Aaron.

Remember, if you have questions you want asked on the show, concerns or suggestions… type it on the grey box that says “Type questions here”



Podcast #7 Brought To You By Booty Sweat

Heres our 7th podcast thanks to Booty Sweat and Bust A Nut Bars who sponsor our blog now.

I said that the villain from Ironman 2 signed a 3 movie contract, I meant to say the villain from the Incredible Hulk (Abomination)

NOTE- Another thing Marvel needs to do (no, ALL movie companies) is delete every actors Twitter account.

Thanx fo watching =]

If you want your questions asked in the podcast, type them in the grey box that says TYPE YOUR QUESTIONS HERE box >>——->



Podcast #6


Podcast #5


Podcast 4


Podcast 3


Podcast #2


Podcast #1


My Writer Rant 1

My Writer Rant 2

My Writer Rant 3

My Writer Rant 4

My Writer Rant 5

My Writer Rant 6

My Writer Rant 7

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