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Mindy AKA Hit-Girl

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Three Cool Clash Of The Titans Posters

10 12 2009

The remake of “Clash of the Titans”, starring Sam Worthington, is one of the few remakes that looks to be good. But, we really haven’t seen any posters of the film, until now.

Thanks to Comingsoon for the posters:

I just can’t get over how cool those Giant Scorpions look.

“Clash of The Titans” will hit theatres on March 26, 2010.


Inception Poster

15 12 2009

Coming from Christopher Nolan, who directed Dark Knight, is now bringing us Inception and here’s the poster:

Inception poster


Mindy AKA Hit Girl’s Top Ten Coolest Quotes

19 12 2009

So here is Mindy’s “Kick-Ass” poster.

And I decided to make her list of top lines ever, THATS how cool she was in “Kick-Ass”

And its not how cool her lines are, but the PLACE and SITUATION in which thyre delivered. (which i wont give, that might be a bit of a spoiler)


10) Dude, that is one gay fuckin’ looking taser…

9) Know what this is?! These plastic bits come out of YOUR gay fucking taser! if the cops find these on the floor they could have traced it here. Good thing I found them.

8 ) If you need to reach me, just talk to the Mayor. He has a signal that shines up in the sky… it’s in the shape of a dick and balls.

7) Fucking cunts…who’s next? Meeny…miny…MO!

6) Fuck you! I can take care of MYSELF! I saved YOUR sorry ass!

5) I’ve got 3 million dollars in a fucking suitcase! That long-term enough for ya?


3) ENOUGH! Thats too much touchy-feely BULLSHIT!!!  :::pulls out huge blade and puts it on guys throat::::

2) YEAH!!! I’m gonna get a hot-fudge sundae!!

1) Show’s over, mutherfuckers.

HONORABLE MENTION: “so you wanna play?”

Shes so funny/cool/gore/violent/cute/ scary






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