Heres the scenes that have made me laugh the most, in no particular order. Please share any you want added =]

Mindy AKA Hit-Girl

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“I hope it was fucking good, because its useless now!”

“If possible, she must have plow experience…”

HAHAHAHA…No comment lmfao I fucking love this movie

“Why the FUCK would be between McLovin and Mohamed!?!?!?”


“Not at the table, Carlos”

0:15 “Keep God out of California”

“T-t-t-t-TODAY, JUNIOR!”

“soul of an eagle


You know what? You guys are freaks.

This will most likely make you piss your pants:

“Not the time for a hand-job”

“Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta”

“Somewhere in this fucking place there’s someone puking blood”

“Okay seriously, quit being such a fag and get in”

You guys asked for this one, here it is:

6 comments on “Funny

  1. I hope they put Bale’s rant on the “special features” section of the dvd, I think people still complainin about it is getting old, but its still fun to listen to…btw you should put the version that was on Family Guy.

    • The version of Family Guy was so hilarious! and itself is hilarious. Remember the joke that the T4 ending would be his rant? that’s just funny

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