Best Scenes

These are some of the best scenes, in our opinion. If you have one scene that you like let us know and we’ll post it if found worthy! If they dont work right away, click on it again and itll work just fine, itll take you to youtube.

Mindy AKA Hit-Girl

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The Comedian gets fucked up.

“Eve.”    “Eva?”      “EVE”      “Eeeeevaaaa…”

This is why you should always lock your front door while eating.

“Give me your jacket!” “BITCH, Im Ghost Rider!”

IronMan blows up tank with what seems to be a bottle rocket.

I wonder if ill run into any superheroes if I go to New York.

Im never fucking moving to New York. Seriously.


I wonder if Batman could have pulled this shit off.

Most useless goons ever.


Why would you fuck with the Hulk in the first place? Seriously.

I would never fuck with a guy that has the balls to not pay his taxes regardless of the fact that hes rich as hell.

Remind me to never run a red light.

I promised myself not to orgasm everytime I watch this scene!

7 comments on “Best Scenes

    • I loved the music in that scene. Dat King Cole’s song “Unforgettable” really brought the mood to the scene. In fact most of the source music were put in the right places. Especially “The Sound of Silence” at Comedian’s funeral.

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