8 comments on “James’ “Kick-Ass” Box Office Prediction

    • Thaaaaaat is a great point. i think you will be closer then me when it comes to the prediction.

      but my primary prediction stands, the 2nd week will be bigger.

      • Like i said in my post, i have NO IDEA how much it will make. So many things tell you ill make a lo, so many things point otherwise. Its extremely difficult to tell what a movie like this will make.

        But my prediction stands

  1. i think it will be a huge cult hit! i think it will make a ton of money over time, like rocky horror picture show, or nightmare before Christmas, makes more 10 20 years later then it did originally. but i am seeing it tomorrow. so then i will know for sure.

  2. Right, no the second week, since word of mouth has been good, MIGHT be bigger but opening weekend the crowds will be large but a little hesitant fror this one I think. Someone said it’s Watchmen and superbad combined, well..

    Superbad-30 M opening weekend

    Watchmen-55 M opening

    Mix those and you’ve got like a 43 M opening. But I think it’ll be less

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